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The new iPhone 4S

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Turn on a TV or the internet for the news and all you’ll hear about, is the new iPhone 4S. What’s the big deal about it?

Okay, all my friends and clients have been wondering where the “geek” in me has come from. I suddenly found myself debating iPhone vs. Android. I knew what the online gossip was, what Apple might be announcing and when; if Sprint would have an exclusive to the “maybe-released” 5-version; what the expected benefits were going to be for the new phone. But most important, I knew how long it was going to take before I’d get that phone in my hands. It has been an excruciating 4 weeks!

Yesterday, as I anxiously awaited the UPS delivery, I realized why I was so nutzoid about this new iPhone. It isn’t that it has better resolution or that it is lighter or faster than my old 3G. It is because my ENTIRE life is on that phone! In short, I am now connected to my life and to my business with a 4S iPhone!

  • All of my contacts, with names, telephone numbers and email addresses, are in my phone;
  • My calendar: all of my client- and personal-appointments are on my iPhone;
  • Throughout the day, I check for emails. I need to know if an inspector or a lender is having trouble with a client’s transaction or if the closing attorney has rec’d the loan package. I need to know what buyers and sellers are thinking or working on;
  • My motivational music is on my phone. I use songs to help me swim in the morning and make lead-generation calls for my business. I use music to get me up or calm me down;
  • Reminders and lists are on my phone. Do I need to drop off a key to an appraiser? When I go past a Publix, do I need to pick up air freshener for the seller with 3 large dogs? What time will those dogs be out of the house for my Open House?;
  • My GPS is on my iPhone. How do I get where I need to go?
  • Traffic reports are on my iPhone – is Buckhead traffic snarled at one street or throughout the entire area, from Vinings to Brookhaven?
  • The ‘net is on my phone: what if I need quick access to who, what or why?

My “old” iPhone was murdered. I had taken it into a large retail outlet, wanting a docking station to add music to my open houses. I started sampling the different docks and after a few tests, saw smoke coming out of my phone. I pulled it up and away from the dock, but it was too late: it was fried. The store management was really nice about it, but I wanted to replace it with the new version, not an old one. Technology is moving too fast to use old systems. The problem was, that I had to wait until Apple intoduced its new phone and that was 4-5 weeks away. The store gave me a phone to use during that time, but it wasn’t an iPhone. I have been going crazy looking for, thinking and obsessing about my new phone.

Yes, I have been absolutely insane. But wouldn’t you want your Realtor to be focused on the tasks needed to be done? And seamlessly doing them with organized systems? Yesterday afternoon, I finally got my 4s iPhone and I am no longer hyper-ventilating. I am back and ready: how can I help you buy, sell or invest in Atlanta real estate?