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How to sell a House in 6 Easy Steps

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Many sellers think that agents have a secret listing strategy. However, the truth is, without a seller’s help, our strategies go out the window. Here are 6 easy steps to sell a house fast:

  1. Price it right; price it competitively.
  2. Interior and exterior condition is key. Make the repairs that your agent tells you to do; at a minimum, paint the outside trim and pressure wash the outside of the home.
  3. Stage the house. Make sure it is clutter-free and clean at all times. When you have a showing, leave the lights on.
  4. Make it easy on the agent. Allow the listing agent to put up a sign, a lockbox and please forget “Appointment Only”. If we can’t see it, we can’t sell it!
  5. Internet and pictures will sell it. When the listing agent, or his/her photographer, is coming to take pictures, make sure that the house is sparkling. If the pictures are bad, or non-existant, buyers will skip over the house.
  6. When in doubt, go back to items 1-5. If you are still in doubt, refer to #1.