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Atlanta Home Maintenance

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Atlanta home maintenance: how much do you do? And how much do you know to do?

This past week, one of my seller-clients’ yard sprinkler system went crazy, spewing costly water. Disconnecting the power to the system didn’t stop it, but the Seller was out of town, so I was able to turn off the water to the property. Talking to the Seller yielded an unusual result: he wasn’t sure where the whole-house water turn-off was or where his exterior water cut-offs were. After this crisis was over, I asked several friends and neighbors if they knew where their cut-offs were. Amazingly, no one knew!

I turn off the water to my exterior water spigots and sprinkler system every fall. I’m afraid that cold temperatures could freeze my water pipes, which would not only be a pain in the neck, but extremely expensive to repair. I’ve attached pink cards to the valves, labeling the shut-offs. I know where my cut-offs are: do you?

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