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Atlanta’s Housing Markets

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

I’ve said it many times, it’s all about price and condition. If a home is priced correctly and is in proper condition, it will sell quickly; it is not, it will languish on the market.

Part of my job is to preview houses, to know Atlanta’s real estate inventory. So many of the houses that I see, are not ready to show or sell; many are not priced correctly. True, many Atlanta homes are in the upper price range, and there are not as many buyers in the upper ranges, but there are buyers in every range!

This past week, I listed a home and within 48 hours, it was “Under Contract”. The house was clean, uncluttered and priced right. The buyers recognized what a great home it will be for them, made an offer and viola, we had a deal. Now the seller is ready to move on to his new, beautiful home and the buyers will have a fabulous new home! It sounds easy, but if a property is priced right and in the right condition, I, as your Realtor, will make it easy for both the buyer and the seller!

One of the most important parts of my job is help a homeowner price his/her/their property correctly. I’m a good Realtor, and that means I’m telling homeowners the truth,  making some of them uncomfortable. But wouldn’t you want to hear that now, rather than spend months on the market, with no offers and no sale? Or would you like to sell your home quickly and move on with your life like  the seller of this home? Call me and Experience True Experience!