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Sandy Springs, GA

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

The city of Sandy Springs, GA has announced that the millage rate will be set at a public meeting to be held at the Sandy Springs City Hall, 7840 Roswell Road. The meeting is to be held on October 20, 2009 at 6:00pm. All of the citizens of Sandy Springs have been invited.

The City of Sandy Springs will also hold two public hearings before the Mayor and Council of the City of Sandy Springs on October 6 at 6:00pm and on October 20 at 7:30am at City Hall, 7840 Roswell Road. The Mayor of Sandy Springs, GA is Eva Galambos; John McDonough is the Sandy Springs City Manager and Steven Rapson is the Assistant City Manager.

This city is a wonderful place to live. If you are interested in buying a home in the city, selling your home in Sandy Springs, or investing in real property in Sandy Springs, call us today. Experience True Experience!

Mistakes that Atlanta Home Sellers Make

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Many sellers ask me what my marketing plan will be for their home.  The truth is, is that the most important aspect of my marketing plan is to get a seller to correctly price their home. No matter how balloons I put out,  how many open houses I hold or how many advertisements I run, the bottom line will be, can I get buyers interested in the house at all? Incorrectly priced, I won’t be able to get buyers to even look at it, much less make an offer to buy it.

Sid Davis,  a real estate broker and author of A Survival Guide to Selling a Home lists seven mistakes that many homeowners make when it comes to putting their homes on the market:

Mistake #1: Putting the home on the market before it is ready. Many times this happens because the seller is impatient or is a procrastinator and has pushed himself up against a moving deadline without getting the pre-sale work done. Don’t put the house up for sale with horrible carpet (especially if you plan to replace it during the marketing of the home), before painting the scratches on the walls or replanting the annual flowers in the front yard. Presentation is everything – get the the work done before marketing your house.

Mistake #2: Over-improving your home for the neighborhood. Don’t make the additions, bump-outs, or kitchen upgrades that will stand out in your community. You may love the improvements, but if they make your house different from your competition, you will be the highest, or only, bidder on it.

Mistake #3: Pricing the home based on what the seller wants to net. This strategy always ends in failure. Sellers can control the asking price, but not the sales price; the market does that. The agent is not there to tell you what your home is worth, but what it will sell for.

Mistake #4: Hiring an agent baced on non-business factors. Make sure you are hiring a professional with a proven track record. Why hand over your largest asset to your nephew or a friend? Make sure he/she has a track record. How many homes has the agent closed last month and year to-date? How many listings is she currently carrying and what does her website look like? Ask for references from her previous clients.

Mistake #5: Getting Emotionally Involved in the Sale. Once you decide to sell your house, it is no longer a “home”, but a “commodity”. It needs to be marketed as a  house. Don’t think of it as your home: think of it as sticks and bricks.

Mistake #6. Trying to Cover up Problems or not Disclosing them. Use the Disclosure form wisely. Just because you don’t disclaim, doesn’t mean that you can’t be sued later for that leaky basement or delapidated HVAC system, that is discovered thirty days after closing. 

Mistake # 7:  Not getting your ducks lined up before you list your home. This means financing or reading the fine print on your mortgage for pre-payment penalties and not listening to the particulars of your area’s market. If the the market dictates a lower price, lower it early, not later; it will cost you more in the long run.

Avoiding these mistakes is not difficult. Call us: we have plenty of resources available to help you. Experience True Experience!

Are You Close to Foreclosure? Can you sell your home as a “Short Sale”?

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

A home is considered “short” if it is valued below what is owed on its mortgage.   If an owner/seller does not have the cash to cover the shortage, a sale of the property can still close providing the mortgage company is willing to negotiate a “Short Sale”.  Short sale scenarios are quite common, but successful negotiations to actually close them are not.

Nationally, 3% of all mortgages are in foreclosure and an additional 8% are 30 days or more in arrears (past due). This means that 1 out of 9 homeowners are late on their mortgage by at least 30 days. Unfortunately, 80% of these homeowners will not take action in order to prevent their home from going into foreclosure and will lose their homes. 

As a Realtor, my primary goal is to help people keep their homes. But, if a sale cannot be avoided, I want to help owners sell their home as quickly and smoothly as possible.

I want sellers to know there are options AVAILABLE NOW to help them avoid foreclosure and spare their credit.


Atlanta taxes

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Does it feel like you pay more taxes than anyone else? Or do you feel like you are contributing towards your landlord’s, utility company’s or telephone company’s taxes?

No one likes to pay taxes, but things could be worse: you could be paying these numbers. According to The Atlanta Business Chronicle, here are the top-dogs, for Atlanta-area taxes, in 2008:

  1. BellSouth Telecommunications/AT&T was the highest taxpayer in Dekalb County ($8,205,027), Gwinnett County ($4,760,362) and Rockdale County ($753,773); they were the 2nd highest taxpayer in Fulton County (combined taxes paid were $13,792,582). BellSouth/AT&T also ranked as one of the top 10 largest taxpayers in Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, Douglas, Fayette and Henry Counties;
  2. Georgia Power ranked in the top 10 taxpayers in Fulton, Dekalb, Cobb, Gwinnett, Douglas, Henry, Clayton and Rockdale Counties. Greystone Power, Cobb Electric EMC, Coweta/Fayette EMC, Snapping Shoals EMC and Jackson EMC are also Metro-Atlanta’s top ten taxpayers;
  3. Atlanta Gaslight was the highest taxpayer in Cherokee County and was ranked one of the ten highest payers in Clayton, Dekalb, Fayette and Rockdale Counties;
  4. The Development Authority of Fulton County was the top taxpayer in Fulton County;
  5. Post Apartments was one of the top ten taxpayers in Fulton and Dekalb Counties.

If you are renting an apartment, paying a utility, telephone or cell bill,  isn’t it time to stop paying their taxes for them? Would you like to join the ranks of small-paying property taxpayers? Call me – I can’t help you pay your taxes, but I can help you sell your existing home or buy your dream home. Experience True Experience!